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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco


Adventure on Wheels Ltd working together with Active Sports, are providers of recreational adventure at its best, providing activities with adventure, over Land and Water to industry, education, and the general public.

Back To Biking

So, are you thinking about jumping back on to two wheels? How long has it been - four months - four years - fourteen years or more!? You know that you survived and enjoyed the challenges, thrills and freedom of biking then, and would love to rekindle that burn of life. Do you wonder just how different riding on two wheels can possibly be from the last time you twisted that throttle? 

Well there's good news, and not so good news.

The good news:

Some things have not changed, we are still riding on two wheels, some of us on three. There are still only two major aspects of motorcycling:

  1. the physical (as in presence, power, elements),

  2. the mental,

together they produce your outcome as a rider.

The not so good news:

There has been a considerable increase in the number of "cars" using the roads and a significant increase in the number of "motorcycles" also using the roads. However the number and condition of our roads has not increased to the same extent to accommodate this additional burden. The majority of roads in this country are of old design and not user friendly for today's motoring requirements. The odds of having an accident involving other vehicles are increasing dramatically each year, therefore as a motorcyclist you have to think beyond the skills you passed your test with, or the skills you have fallen into the habit of using.

Think about it ... you have the answer ... that's why you are still reading this page!

The chances are you have a fairly positive attitude to life and value your safety and wellbeing. The next step is to assess and improve both "the physical" and "the mental" aspects of your driving to make you a safer and more focussed rider.

We hope the following list of our "back to biking" courses and tours is of interest to you.

Keep upright.

Half Day (3hrs)  Refresher - We look at all your old skills, most likely the ones that you passed your test with, whenever that was. (OSM PSL)

One motorcyclist £150
Bring a friend £100 per head

Half Day (3hrs) Improver - We look at all your old skills and enhance them, taking you to a higher level of "physical and mental" awareness.

One motorcyclist £150
Bring a friend £100 per head

Full Day Enhanced - These can be demanding days involving slow and high speed manoeuvres, overtaking procedures, as well as defensive riding attributes.

Our One Day  Back To Biking Course Enhanced: is an “enhanced machine control” day. A great day to practice the following manoeuvres for the start of your biking season.

  1. Slow speed straight running,   

  2. How to make your machine turn by using, anchor points,    

  3. Positive fixation points,

  4. Counter Steering

Our Two Day Back To Biking Course: These are enhanced machine control days (as day one above) that will see us putting some of our newly enhanced skills into practice during a great deal of demanding riding.

  1 Day 2 Day
One motorcyclist £150 £200
Two motorcyclists £100 per head £150 per head
Three motorcyclists £75 per head £125 per head


 Back To Biking Course Enhanced: 1 Day 2 Days
One motorcyclist £150 £250
Two motorcyclists £100 per head £150 per head
Three motorcyclists £80 per head £130 per head

General Information

The theme:

bulletto have loads of fun
bulletto provide courses of variable duration to improve/enhance old skills,
bulletto improve safety for all,
bulletto rediscover the joys of motorcycling,
bulletto learn more in a positive manner,
bulletto recapture the buzz in the changed world of motorcycling.  

The aim:

bulletto have loads of fun
bulletto help previously experienced drivers become more aware of what they need to enhance, what they don't yet know and to show them that they have the potential to develop new riding skills with a positive attitude,
bulletto increase riders' awareness,
bulletto develop better driving techniques,
bulletto become a better, safer rider,
bulletto find out more about the suitability of their own equipment,
bulletto experience vastly improved wider variety of equipment, such as bikes, helmets, clothing and electronic gadgets

The Skills: (ASPOS)

bulletAttitude awareness,
bulletUnderstanding the system of motorcycling,
bulletImproving your road positioning,
bulletImproving your observation skills,
bulletSpeed, using gears and breaking,
bulletHazard avoidance manoeuvres,
bulletEmergency braking,
bulletRefined slow speed control.
bulletTo continue to have loads of fun

Now ... think about this ...

After passing their bike test, most motorcyclists don't develop new skills, they simply become complacent and confident in the lower-end skills they were trained in to pass their test. This makes them a more confident biker but not a safer and better biker. Does this apply to anyone you know?

Prices for individual or joint courses/tours are available on enquiry; accommodation options and costs can also be made available on request, if required.

For information on bike/equipment hire and other conditions of the courses/tours, please refer to our Motor Cycle Tours home page.


Minimum pre-requisites: Be over 21years of age and hold a full category A driving licence.


Location: Scottish Borders - Dumfries and Galloway

bulletAccommodation: Pre-arranged in the Central Borders and Highlands areas.
bulletTime of year: February - December
bullet Duration: From 3hrs (half day) - 6hrs (full day)
bullet Minimum group size: 1 Person, maximum group size 3 bikes per Instructor. 
bullet Equipment Hire: (If you do not have any of your own). Bikes, Helmets, Jackets, Trousers, Boots, Gloves, £50 per session
bullet Cost: Per head,

Give us a call on 01896 822452 for our free CD with full price information, or to arrange your courses/tours

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 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452