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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco


Adventure on Wheels Ltd are providers of recreational adventure at its best, providing training and tours.


Better Information Kickstarts Enjoyment

"Around The Corner" Road Safety Campaign

Working in conjunction with the "Around The Corner" campaign the "BIKE" program is designed to help you get the most enjoyment out of your riding. Its not an "advanced" course, all though we will be happy to help you gain such skills, the "BIKE" programs are designed to help you have more fun at what you already know but may have forgotten or just try to avoid!! 

From the new rider (CBT) to the most experienced, (Advanced Rider and Advanced Observer) a "BIKE" session will help make your time on your machine much more fun and safer.                                    

Its a fact that most car drivers are not bikers, but most bikers are car drivers, unfortunately most bikers ride their bikes like they drive their cars and that tends to be poorly! Why not come on a "bike" course and increase the fun on your bike, you will be amazed at your improvements and discover that your car driving skills will have improved as well!

 As well as being professional biker, Tom has a wealth of local knowledge, which he is very happy to share with you. He has loads of advice, riding tips and information on trips and tours around Scotland, Ireland and Spain.

The "Bike" program runs throughout the year, so If you want to know more, improve your skills or even find out where the best routes and stops are, just get in touch.

Question: What can you expect to be doing during a "BIKE" session?

Answer: Each program is run to the individuals needs but the following points are often used as a template to help good machine control and have more fun.

  1. Equipment - What's good, what's not so good

  2. Centre stand use

  3. Paint work and metal work road information

  4. Biking terminology

  5. Awareness and planning

  6. How to ride slowly

  7. Signals - Indicators and hands

  8. Moving away safely

  9. Better planed stops

  10. How to plan ahead in towns and country

  11. Approaching junctions with a smile

  12. How to make roundabouts much more fun

  13. Defensive riding - Its an art - turning a picture in to a movie

  14. Following others - 2 second rule

  15. Best road positioning  - The command positions

  16. Overtake procedures

  17. Vanishing points and limit points

  18. Bends

  19. Countersteering

  20. Anchor points

  21. Positive and negative fixations

  22. Breathing and smiling

The list is endless!

Question: What can I expect to find after doing a "BIKE" course?

Answer: The most common points that people mention is that they

  1. Find their riding much more enjoyable

  2. They are more aware of potential accidents but avoid them so easily 

  3. They use the available road space much more

  4. They say that their riding is so much easier and other road users seem to pay more attention to them

  5. Their partners tell them that their car driving has become much better as well!

Question: What will it cost?

Answer: Have a look at the table below

  1/2 Day 1 Day (6hrs) 2 Days
One motorcyclist £150 £200 £350
Two motorcyclists £100 per head £150 per head £300 per head

General Information

The theme:

bulletto provide courses of variable duration to improve/enhance old skills, and have fun
bulletto improve safety for all, and have fun
bulletto rediscover the joys of motorcycling, and have fun
bulletto learn more in a positive manner, and have fun
bulletto recapture the buzz in the changed world of motorcycling, and have fun 

The aim:

bulletto help previously experienced riders become more aware of what they need to enhance, what they don't yet know and to show them that they have the potential to develop new riding skills with a positive attitude whilst having a load of fun on a bike
bulletto increase riders' awareness, and have fun 
bulletto develop better riding techniques, and have fun 
bulletto become a better, safer rider, and have fun 
bulletto find out more about the suitability of their own equipment, and have fun 

The Skills: (ASPOS)

bulletAttitude awareness,
bulletUnderstanding the system of motorcycling,
bulletImproving your road positioning,
bulletImproving your observation skills,
bulletSpeed, using gears and breaking,
bulletAnd have fun 

Now ... think about this ...

After passing their bike test, most motorcyclists don't develop new skills, they simply become complacent and confident in the lower-end skills they were trained in to pass their test. This makes them a more confident biker but not a safer and better biker. Does this apply to anyone you know?


Minimum pre-requisites: Be over 21years of age, hold a full category A driving licence and all your own equipment


Location: Scottish Borders - Edinburgh

bulletTime of year: February - December
bullet Duration: From 3hrs (half day) - 6hrs (full day)
bullet Minimum group size: 1 Person, maximum group size 2 bikes per Instructor. 
bullet Cost: Per head,

If you would like to find out more drop in and say hello to Tom at our training centre in Melrose or give us a call on 01896 822452  to arrange your courses/tours

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 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452