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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco

Bikers Focus

Adventure on Wheels Ltd working together with Active Sports, are providers of recreational adventure at its best, providing activities with adventure, to industry, education, and the general public.


Here at Adventure on Wheels we believe that learning to use a motorcycle as a beginner or as a high mileage biker is best done using the following recipe:


Better Information Kickstarts Enjoyment

What we offer:    

A client centred approch for today's needs


One to one teaching only


Tailored private courses run for couples (use this link for more information)


Professional approach


99% pass rate


User-friendly staff


40 years' experience in teaching and coaching an array of activities


High quality equipment  (use this link for more information on our bikes and clothing)


To practice what we teach

If any of the following applies to you, then come and join our "Bikers Focus" courses. You will be amazed at your improved biking skills within the first day!

Points to think over:

  1. Are you a total beginner to motorbike riding?

  2. Are you thinking about trying to gain a motorcycle licence?

  3. Are you needing to do your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)?

  4. Are you still trying to gain your CBT?

  5. Have you completed your CBT but need help in improving your roadcraft?

  6. Is your current CBT certificate about to expire?

  7. Do you know the OSM PSL routine










  1. Are you hoping to take your full motorcycle test soon but need help to get to a pass level?

  2. Have you recently failed your test?

  3. Have you recently passed your test and want to go on to the next level of riding?










  1. Are you a "born again" biker who would like to catch up on new driving techniques?

  2. Do you know about  "command positions" and how to use them?

  3. Are you familiar with command checkers?

  4. Do you know about "vanishing points" and how to use them?

  5. Do you know about "limit points"










  1. Are you nervous when driving away and stopping?

  2. Are you a bit wobbly?

  3. Do you find clutch and brake control a challenge?

  4. In the event of an emergency stop, do you know what to do and will you be in control?

  5. Are you nervous in traffic?

  6. Do you find some cornering difficult?

  7. Do you know when and where you should position your bike during road riding?

  8. Are you familiar with the ITUG routine

  9. Are you confident in evasive action?

  10. Are you reluctant to drive faster than 40mph on open roads, bearing in mind legal and mechanical restrictions etc (making progress physically and mentally)?

  11. Was your bike test the last time your biking skills were assessed?


We pride ourselves in running our courses to your requirements and not that of a set course, all you have to do is tell us what  you would like to improve, or experience possibly for the first time.

At Adventure On Wheels Ltd. we believe that during your time with us your Safety is the most important factor, followed by your Enjoyment, which in turn encourages a greater and easier degree of Learning.  SEL = SAFETY-ENJOYMENT-LEARNING.

With over forty years' experience in teaching, coaching and assessing a multitude of activities to all levels of abilities and ages, Tom, our Company Director, understands that the ability to achieve is within us all, but that the duration and the presentation often has to be tailored to the individual, in conjunction with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Too often we hear of the difficulties in achieving a pre-determined standard such as CBT within a designated timescale, often governed by cost over the set time.

With this in mind we have designed three programs to help you obtain your Motorcycle CBT and DAS etc, offering you:

a safer, more professional approach to your motorcycle training,


more flexible choice,


better value for money,


enhanced opportunities to achieve your goals, with less pressure

Click on the Biker to find out more about our motorcycle training programs.

Training Courses We Provide.

Learn More For Safer Riding:

The Machines We Use To Help You Pass Your Big Bike Test


To find out what has changed, click on the links below, if you are not sure how it will affect you, give Tom a call.

New driving licence rules for mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles

New rules for mopeds and motorcycles used for riding tests

List of motorcycles for practical riding tests

A2 Bikes for your A2 licence

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Motorcycle Event Dates

Click the biker for for a fast ride to some of this years events/tours


Give us a call 0n 01896 822452 for our free CD with full price information, or to arrange your course.


 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452