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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco


Basic Improvers' Riding Programs' is the next point of contact with you after you have passed your CBT. It is the most flexible program that we have, allowing focus and improvement on the most basic motorcycle road craft. (3rd Gear In The Six Gears of Road Motorcycling)

Our first contact with you is a free sixty minute introduction, consisting of a discussion on what you hope to achieve

Give us a call on 01896 822452 to arrange your free, no obligation introduction.  

Course description

Minimum pre-requisites


Group size

Cost per head


Basic Improvers' Riding Programs

(This program can also be used as a Pre-Test Day)



 Be over 16 years of age.

Hold a valid provisional Category A or P driving licence

 Have all your own equipment.

Make sure your bike is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured


approximately 3 hours per session

No more than 2 clients to an Instructor.

If used as a Pre-Test Day, the ratio is 1-1


£40 per hour in addition to any hours over the basic 3 hours allocated.

The next progression from BIRPs is our DAS program

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 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452