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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco

Improvers Training On Tour


Adventure on Wheels Ltd working together with Active Sports, are providers of recreational adventure at its best, providing activities with adventure, over Land and Water to industry, education, and the general public.


 I.T.O.T.  Improvers Training On Tour

(Progressive Riding, 5th Gear Progression )


This is a very popular one or two day introduction to motorcycle touring in Scotland with an emphasis on how to improve  your driving. The course is specifically designed for those who have just passed their test, but is easily adapted to cater for the motorcyclist with more mileage experience. (It's a great two days away on the bike, with like minded bikers, learning new exciting bike skills and driving some great Scottish roads.)

General Information

The theme:

bulletone or two days training on tour,
bulletto improve safety for all,
bulletto discover the joys of motorcycling in Scotland,
bulletto learn more in a positive manner.

The aim:

bulletto help new and experienced  drivers become more aware of what they don't yet know, and to show them that they have the potential to develop their bike skills and attitude,
bulletto increase riders' awareness,
bulletto develop better driving techniques,
bulletto become a better rider,
bulletto find out more about the suitability of their own equipment,
bulletto experience other equipment, such as different bikes.

The Skills: (ASPOS)

bulletAttitude awareness,
bulletUnderstanding the system of motorcycling,
bulletImproving your road positioning,
bulletImproving your observation skills,
bulletSpeed, using gears and breaking,


Our start day is in the south east of Scotland, the Scottish Borders, "Sir Walter Scott Country".

Our normal gathering point is our head office, Chain Bridge Cottage, in Melrose.  We have several routes that we use depending on where our clients come from, and their individual requirements . If you live south of Edinburgh, we tend to use our northerly routes, if you live north of Edinburgh we tend to use our westerly routes.

ITOT One Day North. 250 miles round trip, approximately.


ITOT Two Days North. The Highlands. 380 miles, approximately.


... now think about this ...

After passing their bike test, most motorcyclists don't develop new skills, they simply become complacent and confident in the lower-end skills they were trained in to pass their test. This makes them a more confident biker but not a safer and better biker. Does this apply to anyone you know?

Prices for individual or joint tours are available on enquiry; accommodation options and costs can also be made available on request, if required.

For information on bike/equipment hire and other conditions of the tours, please refer to our Motor Cycle Tours home page.


Minimum pre-requisites: Be over 21years of age. Hold a full category A driving licence.


Location: Scottish Borders - Central Highlands - Western Highlands

bulletAccommodation: Pre-arranged in the Central Borders and Highlands areas.
bulletTime of year: April - October
bullet Cost: Per head,

Give us a call 0n 01896 822452 to arrange your course.  

Give us a call 0n 01896 822452 for our free CD with full price information, or to arrange your course.

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