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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco

Tours Questionnaire For Bikers

Some information we need, to give you a better service.

Many thanks for your enquiry

It may be that not all the points below are relevant to you or your partner/group, but please take the time to read through it and answer what you can. Please tick all appropriate boxes.

We often tailor routes to our clients’ needs, so it would be a great help if you can give us the following additional information.

Use this form to e-mail your booking interest.

Your Name

Driver or Passenger

Your Partners name (if applicable)

Driver or Passenger

Postal Address

E-mail address

Best Contact Phone Number

Are you part of a group /Organisation. Please give name of group and contact details. (if applicable)

Nature of Group (friends, family, corporate,)

Size of Group: Age of Youngest: Age of Oldest:


Holiday Start Date and Approximate Time 

Holiday End Date and Approximate Time

Motorcycle Tours Duration
Short Day (3hrs approx) Full Day (5hrs approx) 

Number of Short Days/Full Days you would like and when:

What mileage would you consider to be a comfortable distance you would ride in a day

50 - 100 100 - 150 150 - 200

200 - 250 250 - 300

300 - 350 350 - 400

400 - 450 450 - 500

Information you are interested in:
Motorcycle hire
Advanced riding
Dirt biking
Pillion passenger ride experience

What sections of Scotland, Ireland or Spain would you like to see?


1. Lowlands    Highlands    Islands    All


North South West East All


North South West East All

2.      Do you have any specific sights or points of interest that you or your group would like to see? Please state in order of priority.


Please note we will do all we can to include your request within your tour with us, but cannot guarantee that it will happen, unless it is a

specifically tailored tour for you.

3     What is the minimum level of accommodation would you accept?

         2 star 3 star  4 star     5 star

         B&B    Guest House    Chalet Hotel

4.      Although we try to start and finish all our tours from the Scottish Borders, we are happy to start them from a location of your

choice, so we need to know:

         1.      If not the Scottish Borders, where would you like to start your tour's with us?


         2.      If the above location is a hotel etc, please detail the full address, including postcode and phone number. A contact name

such as the manager/owner would also be very helpful.

5      Which of our tours are you interested in?


6.           Would you require us to pick you up and return you to

         (a)     A train station (Edinburgh, Berwick or Carlisle)     

         (b)     A bus station (Edinburgh, Berwick or Carlisle)      

   (c)     An airport (Edinburgh)                                           

   (d)     Any other – please state

7.    We also need some information on you and your partner’s biking experience such as:

         What sort of mileage per year have you been doing on a bike

   As a driver passenger

         As a driver what sort of roads are you happy to drive on: motorway      A class roads     

   B class roads    C class roads     or non listed (this may be a private dirt track)

   What experience do you have driving with a passenger?   none    a little    a lot

   As a passenger what level of experience would you say you have? 

   None   A little    A lot

   As a driver what category of bike or bikes do you drive, or have driven?

   Supersport    Sports touring   Sports roadster     Street bike    Cruiser


8.        If hiring a bike from us, what category of bike would you prefer? (Minimum hire age 25 years.) 

         Supersport    Sports touring Sports roadster     Street bike   Cruiser


If you would like a particular model please state 

(we cannot guarantee to supply a particular bike, but will endeavour to provide it or a similar model)

9.        As a driver, when did you last drive a bike?

10.    Have you been on a guided tour before? Yes   No


Please do not let the above questions worry you; it’s just to give us a picture of your needs and experience and allows us to offer you a package

appropriate to your requirements.


Please return this information as soon as possible so we can get to work preparing a tour program tailored to your abilities and preferences.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.





Note: Windows XP computers may display a warning when the 'Submit' button is clicked. Wait for the 'Yes' button to become available, then click it.



Bookings/Requests for more information, CD etc:


Office Tel: +44 01896 822452

Postal Address

Adventure On Wheels Ltd. (Active Sports)
Chain Bridge Cottage
Annay Road


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The theme of all our tours is for a safe relaxed and unhurried exciting trip, taking in local scenery, points of interest and great twisty roads. We try to run at a pace to suit all within the group but appreciate that some may wish to go faster than others and will endeavour to accommodate such riders on appropriate sections of the tour.


 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452