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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco

Short Day Tours:

  1. The Bordes Jacobite Run

  2.  Twelve Border Rivers  

  3. Weavers and Reivers

  4. The Da Vinci Road    

Full-Day Tours:

  1. The Rabbit Run

  2. The "H" Run

  3. The Northumberland Raid   

  4. The Liddesdale Rings

  5. The Middle March

  6. The West March (day 1 of The Borders Brace)

  7. The East March (day 2 of The Borders Brace)

2-Day Tours:

  1. The Borders Brace

  2. The Lakes, A Two Day Pass.

6-Day tours:

The Reivers Run     


"Tour Guide Exclusive" service available

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 Weekend Specials

The theme of all our tours is for a safe relaxed and unhurried exciting trip, taking in local scenery, points of interest and great twisty roads. We try to run at a pace to suit all within the group but appreciate that some may wish to go faster than others and will endeavour to accommodate such riders on appropriate sections of the tour.


 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452