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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco

SPANISH PEAKS CHALLENGE 1500-1700 km approx

8 Day Tour:

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Advanced Bike Control for Advanced Riders

A one week master class for competent safe riders keen to progress their skills.

Introduction: Our Spanish Peaks Challenge tours are certainly the most challenging tours we have, sampling some of the most scenic and entertaining roads in the south of Spain. The routes are packed with rides through breathtaking scenery across mountains, forest, open country and coastline. Although the theme of our tours is that of a sedate, relaxed nature, the riding on this tour is extremely demanding with several bends requiring second and first gear riding, however you will have several opportunities to open up the throttle on other sections if you wish. This is not a tour for those new to riding, our standard is that your riding skills should be at or close to an advanced level, with good scanning, anticipating and planning, riding to a system which is safe and others can recognise and easily plan for. Our villas are the finest you will find, with fully fitted kitchens spacious rooms, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, games room, air conditioning units in each room and private secured parking. You will have a spacious room to yourself (unless sharing with your partner or close friend) giving excellent value for money and provides a central base for our various routes. We never have large numbers on any of our tours, and our Spanish Peaks Challenge has a maximum of six bike places per group. This is not an off road challenge, all the roads we use are tarmac, and mostly traffic free.

To see what you will experiencing please have a look at our youtube video's                              




Video's courtesy of Eleuterio Portes 

Sit back and enjoy

An Irish Ferry Tale                

Approx 1500 kilometres of intense riding over five days


 Dia Uno, El Fly Oot: Hola! This may be our first meeting as a group, but Tom will have most likely been riding with everyone within the group earlier in the year. A prerequisite to joining us in Spain is a ride assessment on you carried out by Tom, Richard or Martin and if at all possible a wee group ride before we all head out to Spain. We mostly fly from Edinburgh to Alicante Airport and we arrange this for you. On landing at Alicante you will be taken to the BMW rental centre, "Motocenter Levante" and met there by our contact Marcos Atienza to finalise rental arrangements.

Its about a fifteen minute drive, to the rental centre and gives us a chance to check out our bikes, all new BMW 650 - 700 - 800  models (other models may be available). After this you will be taken to your villa, and again its only about a fifteen minute drive to Cala Merced, a small settlement east of Alicante where we are normally greeted by the owners Louise and Kal who then show us round the villas.

Louise and Kal have several villas available should you decide to come back and visit the area another time (ask Tom for more information).

 The villas are for self catering groups but an ample food welcome pack previously arranged with Louise will be available for the group's arrival.  During the holiday we take time to do a food shop during a ride out, evenings see us either eating at local restaurants or in our main villa with a catered "Spanish Food Night" as a treat half way through the tour. To find out more information on our accommodation please click on our "Villa Isabella" photo above.  

Dia Dos, El Intro: Riding day one. Fresh from our first night in our villas we return to the BMW rental centre where Marcos has our bikes lined up, fuelled up and ready to go. Each bike comes well equipped with a decent sized top box should you wish to carry any bits and bobs, heated grips (no need, the temperature is often in the mid 20's!), ESA - Electronic Suspension Adjustment, ABS - Antilock Braking System, ASC - Automatic Stability Control, and RDC - Tyre Pressure Control.

We will also meet our local guide Lute and a member of his team,  professional Guides and motorcycle instructors for the Spanish Police. Lute is also the senior advisor to the Spanish Government with matters regarding EU motorcycle directives. His riding and knowledge are second to none.

The first day on our bikes is spent on a skills introduction to advanced machine control NOT RACING (on our unfamiliar machines) on the International Race Circuit Jumilla. This is a small but very demanding circuit used by Lute and his team to help riders such as the Spanish Police become well tooled up in "Advanced Machine Control". Lute has a team of five, three that speak good English, so we are kept very active! The day starts relatively easy but after lunch at the Circuit the pressure is increased, its a demanding day, very much client focused.

Our riding days are mystery tours, only Lute knows where we are going, but you can bet they will be demanding and scenic. "Riding Day One" gives us the opportunity to see and plan for each other's riding style. We do not cover a great distance each day, normally around 150 to 300 kilometres, but the riding is by no means sedate, the quality is high and demanding, with refreshment and lunch stops en route. The road surface is tarmac but on several stretches landfalls can add that little bit more of a challenge! Although we recommend your riding to be at or close to advanced standard, it is expected that all within the group will find them self's challenged,  probably at slow speeds on the steep, tight, 1st gear bends! (Remember, this tour is not about racing.) We finish the day back at our villa around 4.30pm and say goodbye to Lute and his team until the following day.



Our introductory training area "International Race Circuit Jumilla".

Dia Tres, El Run-Aboot:  Riding day two. After a refreshing dip in the villa's own heated outdoor pool/hot tub and a group breakfast (self catering) we get ready to ride and Lute's arrival around 9.30am. The area that surrounds our villa is a maze of minor roads and to find the best suited to the group's abilities and demands, requires good local knowledge, Lute is well experienced in gauging a group's and individual's biking abilities and sets the pace accordingly. During each day's riding you will have the opportunity to tuck in behind him our one of his team and take full advantage of their road knowledge and skills. You will also have several chances to take lead bike if you wish.

 Although many of the roads we use are of a minor classification, they are major mountain pass routes. Spain has had the benefit of EU funding for its road improvements, with a considerable number of Spanish roads upgraded to a better road surface with good roadside advisory information. March, April, October and  November are very quiet times of year in this area of Spain and is to our advantage, it's unusual to come across any other traffic on the mountain passes, it's as if they know we are coming!

 Although you are never pushed to keep up a pace that is beyond your skills, the days are mentally exhausting, the bends are continuous! If they are not fast and twisty, they are slow and tight, we have nothing like it in the UK! Each day ends back at our Villa around 4.30pm with our hot tub and refreshments awaiting us, it's a hard life!



Dia Cuatro, El Biggie: Riding day three. This is an other full day with Lute and his team but it wont be easy, you can be sure of that! as he and his team will be cranking up the pressure. The day starts around 9.30am with Lute's arrival at our villa, and will finish around 4.30pm  The hot tub beckons! If the group wishes we have a Spanish Food Night to look forward to later that evening, with a professional Chef provide for us at the Villa.

Dia Cinco, El grins day: Riding day four. An other day with Lute and his team and it's often the longest route of the tour! Our riding day may finish around 6.00pm with a low sun, just to add an other challenge to the days riding! with a farewell to Lute back at base.

Week two: El Ride of a Thousand Bends

Dia Seis, El Mixers: Riding day five. For our "First Class" tour This is our last day with Lute and his team and out on the bikes, subject to Lute's plans we may run "El Ring of Fire" Tom's favourite, finishing at the CV775 information sign for a group photo. 


Our local guide Lute Portes, a professional motorcycle instructor for the Spanish Police, guide and advisor to the Spanish Government with matters regarding EU motorcycle directives. His riding and knowledge are second to none.

Dia Siete, El Site-Seeing: (for our "First Class" tour only) After a refreshing dip in the pool/hot tub and a good breakfast, we ride the bikes back to the BMW rentals centre. The rest of the day is spent as tourists in Alicante, gift shopping and visiting attractions such as "Alicante Castle" and the superb replica of the 18th century Spanish Galleon "Santisima Trinidad" moored in the marina. We return to the villa for refreshments and a meal out.

Dia Ocho, El Fly Hame: Our day starts as usual with a refreshing dip in the heated outdoor pool/hot tub and breakfast at a leisurely pace. Then its all hands on deck to get the villa back to a clean and tidy condition, ready for our next group. Tom and Louise will have arranged  transport to Alicante Airport, only a twenty minute drive from the villa. The flight back to Edinburgh takes about three hours. On arrival at Edinburgh Airport and subject to each group member's home location, a farewell is made until the next tour. Adios amigos!

General Information: The theme of the Spanish Peaks Challenge is about improving your bike and mental control. We try to ride at a pace to suit everyone in the group, but appreciate that some may wish to increase the pace more than others, we will endeavour to accommodate such riders on appropriate sections of the tour but no one is ever left on their own.

Please note: This tour is not a certificated course. We will be happy to advise on how you can improve your riding during your time with us but this advise will only be given on request. We understand that some within the group will appreciate advise and constructive criticism of their riding ability but we ask that you remember that this may not apply to all of whom you ride with during your time with us. 

Although the Spanish Peaks Challenge is essentially a motorcycling holiday, wives, husbands, partners and friends are most welcome and may take full advantage of the villa's and use them for a non- biking holiday at the same time (see below). However any activities and outings must be arranged by the non-bikers themselves, it is not generally the responsibility of Adventure on Wheels to organise the non-biking aspect of this trip, but Tom may be able to advise.

Dining Out: We are always happy to advise on where to dine but prefer us to dine with the whole group. 

Premier Class additional information - Our Spanish Peaks Challenge Premier Class tour is a bit different from our Spanish Peaks Challenge  First class:

It is thee trip, your life time ride. Sublime roads, twisty and high octane! Our Spanish Peaks Challenge Premier Class tour is certainly the most challenging tour we have, sampling some of the most scenic and entertaining roads in the south of Spain. The route is packed with rides through breathtaking scenery across mountains, forest, open country and coastline. This is not a tour for those new to riding, A pre-requisite to join us on this tour is that you have ridden with us on our First Class tour of the same area (but different roads) and completed that tour to a high level. You will have been invited to join the elite, your mindset will be to hone your riding and not to enjoy the views! which are stunning.

Additional points of our Spanish Peaks Challenge Premier Class tour is:


Select few


Six days riding


An over night stay in a remote location


More intense coaching


A tighter group ride


Faster pace


Different roads



Location: South Spain, in the Alicante region, El Campello, Cala Merced.

bulletAccommodation: Our Villa "Isabella" and other similar villas
bulletTime of year:
bulletFIRST CLASS - Saturday 21st April till Saturday 28th April 2018
bulletFIRST CLASS - Saturday 20th October till Saturday 27th October 2018
bulletPREMIER CLASS - Saturday 10th November till Saturday 17th November 2018
bullet Duration: First Class - Eight days, (2 days flying, 5 days riding, 1 day site-seeing.) Premier Class - Eight days, (2 days flying 6 days riding,)
bullet Distance:1500  - 1700 kilometres (riding) approx
bullet Group size: Minimum 3 riders, Maximum 5 riders, (+ guide). Overall group size maximum 12 (2x6) on a private tour or open group basis. Please note although we are happy for you to have a pillion passenger on our other tours this is not acceptable on this one.
bullet Age restriction:
bulletBikers 28 years old
bulletNon bikers 21years old
bullet Cost: Per head. Prices for 2018:


5 Days riding


6 Days riding

Riders, non sharing with full bike and guide hire etc.

£1500 Per head

*Ride your own bike


£1700 Per head

*Ride your own bike


Bring a Partner or Close Friend. Two Riders sharing a twin/double room with full bike and guide hire each etc.

£1300 Per head

*Ride your own bike

£2000 Per head

£1500 Per head

*Ride your own bike

£2100 Per head


Non bikers

Non biker with own room

£800 Per head

£800 Per head

Non bikers sharing a twin/double room

£600 Per head

£600 Per head

bullet Requirements:
bulletAge restrictions as above
bulletValid passport
bulletLegal motorcycle helmet and protective clothing (though this can be booked in advance at BMW Motorent at extra cost)
bulletEffective Hi-Viz vest
bulletMinimum of 3 years holding an active (3000 high quality miles each year) motorcycle driving licence 
bullet3000 miles of high quality riding within the past year
bullet Hold a valid credit card (a 2000€ deductible security excess is required for your motorcycle hire)         
bullet What is included in the cost:
bulletYour flights from Edinburgh to Alicante and return
bulletTravel insurance
bulletBaggage allowance - 1 bag in addition to hand luggage (up to 22kg).
bulletSelected local Spanish transport for the whole group during your tour, ie airport shuttles.
bulletMotorcycle rental = New 2018 low mileage BMW G650GS, BMW F700GS, BMW F800GS, Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L, Triumph Tiger 800XC
bulletMotorcycle insurance
bulletMotorcycle breakdown cover
bulletMotorcycle tour guide
bulletPersonal machine control coaching/advise
bulletPrivate hire of the International Race Circuit Jumilla
bulletPrivate villa 
bulletAll bed linen and towels
bulletA large welcome pack of food
bullet* Ride your own bike. We arrange for your machine to be picked up at your house and delivered to our villas, waiting for you're arrival and at the end of your tour we have them returned back to you're home (Note: the removal of bike hire cost is reflected in the total cost)   
bullet What is not included in the cost:
bulletYour Petrol
bulletYour food
bulletPersonal insurance
bulletMedical cover
bulletAny other expenses such as gifts etc
bulletAny additional personal taxis, trams etc
bulletAny car rentals (this can be arranged for you in advance for any none biking group members)
bulletNot ATOL protected

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 Weekend Specials

The theme of all our tours is for a safe relaxed and unhurried exciting trip, taking in local scenery, points of interest and great twisty roads. We try to run at a pace to suit all within the group but appreciate that some may wish to go faster than others and will endeavour to accommodate such riders on appropriate sections of the tour.


 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452