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Adventure on Wheels are providers of bespoke Car, Car & Trailer, Motorcycle training, and  Motorcycle tours at their best throughout Scotland, Ireland, Spain And Morocco

Training Courses



Learn More For Less:

Just click on a Biker to find out more about our Motorcycle training programs.

Save £200 by booking our DAS compressed course

Pre-CBT This is a short introduction to what will be expected of you during a CBT program

CBT Compulsory Basic Training

BIRPs   Basic Improvers' Riding Programs' (This program can also be used as a Pre-Test Day)

FULL BIKE LICENCE  INCLUDING DAS- MOD 1 Direct Access Scheme Motorcycle Pre-test training (also A1 & A2)

FULL BIKE LICENCE INCLUDING  DAS- MOD 2 Direct Access Scheme Motorcycle Pre-test training (also A1 & A2)



Book our DAS Modules 1&2 compressed  Save £200 on your test training and get an ATRO 1/2 day free, worth £100 (subject to ATRO minimum requirements)


ATRO After Test Ride Outs.

This is a post-test ride out for those who have recently passed their motorcycle test. It is designed to help you improve your riding beyond the the basic limitations of the bike test and help improve your future as a biker. The course will show you what vital skills you where not given during your training for your bike test, how to improve your machine handling, what to look out for, and what to expect on the open road.


Back to Biking So, your thinking about jumping back on to two wheels? How long has it been - four months - four years - fourteen years or more!? You know that you survived and enjoyed the challenges, thrills and freedom of biking then, but are you up to the challenges of today's riding demands?

Well there's good news, and not so good news. Contact us and get up to speed!

 Back To Biking, Born Again Bikers, Rusty Bikers

Tailored private courses 
run for couples











Better Information Kickstarts Enjoyment

Working in conjunction with the "Around The Corner" campaign the "BIKE" program is designed to help you get the most enjoyment out of your riding. Its not an "advanced" course, all though we will be happy to help you gain such skills, the "BIKE" programs are designed to help you have more fun at what you already know but may have forgotten or just try to avoid!! 

From the new rider to the most experienced, a "BIKE" session will help make your time on your machine much more fun and safer.                                    
The "BIKE" program runs throughout the year, so If you want to know more, improve your skills or even find out where the best routes and stops are, just get in touch.

Question: What can you expect to be doing during a "BIKE" session?

Answer: Each program is run to the individuals needs, but have a look at the link page and find out how you can make your riding much more fun

Question: What can I expect to find after doing a "BIKE" course?

Answer: Your riding and knowledge will have improved  with surprisingly little effort Have a look at the link page

Question: What will it cost?

Answer: Prices vary subject to your needs and promotion days so have a look at this link and decide what you think is best for you



If you would like to find out more, have a look at the link page then drop in and say hello to Tom at our training centre in Melrose


 I.T.O.T.  Improvers Training On Tour     

It's about using new skills in addition to old skills, not instead off". These programs are specifically designed for those wishing to ride at the highest level.


  I.T.O.T.  Improvers Training On Tour

This is a very popular one or two days introduction to Motorcycle touring in Scotland with an outlook on how to improve  your driving. The course is specifically designed for those who have just passed their test, but easily adapted to cater for "the Biker" with more mileage experience. (It's a great time away on the bike, with like minded bikers, learning new exciting bike skills, driving some great Scottish roads.)


High quality clean equipment 

(use this link for more information on our bikes and clothing)

UK National Speed Limits for bikers

These are the national speed limits and apply to all roads unless signs show otherwise

* The 30 mph limit applies to all traffic on all roads in England and Wales (only Class C and unclassified roads in Scotland) with street lighting unless signs show otherwise)

Built up areas generally have roads with street lights. Unless signed otherwise, the speed limit is always 30mph, no matter the number of lanes.

Single carriageway is an undivided road with no centre barrier.

Dual carriageway is a two way divided road with a central barrier that you are able to cross from side roads.

Motorway is a two way divided road with a central barrier containing slip roads. It is only possible to access a motorway via slip roads and there is no crossway traffic.











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All our trainers and examiners are IAM trained and members of the local Borders group. Please note: AOW Ltd do's  not examine for IAM certificates.


 Tel: +44(0)1896 822452